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Re: TO moondancer: Re: Did you or anyone else posting in this thread send a lens in?

systemguy wrote:

Canyou please tell me what was the outcome of the left focus point issue?

Yes I'd be glad to share the outcome, but please keep in mind my D800 service experience is from 2 years ago so things may have improved since.

The first attempt took a week to come back from El Segundo. The only difference I could tell is a positive shift to AF adjustment for all lenses. For example if the center AF needed a -7 setting before, it needed a +7 setting after the fix. The left AF was still off by a large amount.

On the second attempt, Nikon service offered me free shipping to the Melville center, for which I am grateful for. It took about 6 weeks with several calls to get my camera back. To confirm the fix, I first tried tuning the center AF using my 24-70 f/2,8 lens. Quickly noticed their fix pushed out center AF adjustment beyond +20 limit. By my estimate, this lens needed +23 to 25. Also I found the focus acquisition rate degraded from before, probably because it was operating at +20 and still marginally out of range, but I wouldn't know for sure. The left AF did appear to improve somewhat, but still visibly weaker than right AF. Luckily my 85mm and 50mm f/1,4 tested ok for the center AF so these are what I use mainly with the D800 now.

To wrap up, I want to stress again that my experience is from 2 years ago. I don't read such stories with D800s recently so things may have improved greatly, or people may have found work around and stopped caring about it as I have.

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