D7100 exposure accuracy?

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Mystery Guy wrote:

> You didn't use liveview did you? You don't happen to have ADL set to "on" do you?That can account for some of the dif.

ADL is off and I wasn't using Live-View.

OK...throw that idea out

> Open in ViewNX2 and see if the look just as different

In View NX2 the .JPG and .NEF looks almost identical with only a very small difference in the histograms between them. Opening the JPG in Photoshop CS 6 also looks the same.

That's what I would expect. Opening the NEF in ACR will always look different from the ViewNX2 version or the OOC JPEG unless you tweak your picture controls. Hard to do consistently with ACR.

> Also (pulling at straws) might be a light issue in this case with cycles....try with flash and see what happens.

Here's a new set of pictures with Native Light, Direct flash from an SB-700 , and Bounce Flash. This is with Matrix Metering, Aperture Priority, F22.

In this case, I think the ambient light one looks the best and the Bounce Flash is the darkest for some reason.

In general, I sometimes see great results, but I'm trying to figure out why sometimes things look so different despite the same frame composure.

P.S.: I just realized that at F22, 1/30s and the ambient light used, the flash modes report significant underexposure (in the camera meter display) since it appears to be determined to use 'TTL-BL' mode. So maybe that's what's up with the flash images.

True...to get consistent flash power output (just for testing) you almost have to switch to manual flash mode.

It seems to me that being able to choose TTL only mode would be nice (without having to resort to spot metering).

Sort of...remember the purpose of TTL is to illuminate the subject the same regardless of background. With that in mind, it kind of makes sense to use Spot with TTL as we want to ignore the background. Matrix would cause the subject to get weighted differently and maybe defeat the purpose. Two schools of thought...no right or wrong IMO.


Direct Flash


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