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Why edu rankings may not be useful

Eric Mazur is a leading thinker on education today. He's, by trade, a physics prof at Harvard. What he is talking about is hard, but it's powerful stuff. In short -- teaching to the test is not useful. Teaching to the test, though, is what boosts your country in these international rankings.

Oh, and by the way, white collar work is under stress from automation:

Teach to the test, go up in rankings, get your people nice, corporate cubicle jobs, and watch your citizens be put out of work.

Instead, teach people how to think and innovate. Those are harder to measure on standardized testing.

yanisha wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Quote (re M4/3) " And while the adaptation rate in the U.S. (lower education standards than most of the rest of the world) has been slow many parts of the world are snapping them up and eroding market share of the conventional mirrored digital cameras."

I'm an Aussie (most intelligent species in the world!) and even I'm offended by his attitude.

Guy, I am Canadian and I am also offended by his attitude. He has a right to his opinion and it does seem to be fashionable in the U.S. these days for those who want to appear hip to make deprecating comments about their country. This article gives a different take on it though:

The United States has never ranked at the top of international education tests, since we began comparing countries in 1964, yet has been the dominant economic and innovative force in the world the entire time. Despite this fact, a popular annual education report has once again stoked fears of America's impending economic mediocrity with fresh stats on how far the U.S. “lags” behind the world in college attainment, pre-school enrollment, and high school graduation.

The reason for the apparent disconnect is because schools don't prepare students for the real world, so broad educational attainment will have a weak correlation with economic power. Research has consistently shown that on nearly every measure of education (instructional hours, class-size, enrollment, college preparation), what students learn in school does not translate into later life success. The United States has an abundance of the factors that likely do matter: access to the best immigrants, economic opportunity, and the best research facilities.

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