I'd love to have this in my next camera!

Started Mar 4, 2014 | Discussions thread
Chimere Senior Member • Posts: 1,602
Re: I'd love to have this in my next camera!

For the occasional long exposure night landscapes, some short star trails may not be noticeable, long trails actually might be more interesting instead. For serious deep sky photography this feature is next to useless. For good pictures of the planets one needs a good and powerful telescope, a long tele alone will not do as it will produce only mediocre images. I can not imagine this to be a deal maker for many of us. Hardly anybody will become a backyard astronomer because the camera has this odd feature. Serious stargazing amateurs will buy equipment specializing on their hobby. It appears to me to be desperate move, looks like some manufacturers are running out of features to punch into their creations.


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