Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Re: SmartPhones and Shallow DoF - no large sensors needed

enemjii wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

enemjii wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

There was a big thick fence mesh between me and the bird, because this was at the zoo. You need a real, large-aperture to be able to blur the foreground out and effectively see around all that mesh.

Easy. Too easy actually. All I need is to write a piece of logic to "blur fence"

No. You also need a piece of logic to recreate the missing detail of the bird where it was covered by the fence.

without stereoscopic vision, how can even a camera take picture of something that is being blocked?

The point is that if the lens is large enough, any part of the bird will be visible by some part of the lens. That was what happened in the posted photo.

But to answer your question in case of thin wire fences,

There was no question. I made a statement.

the software can interpolate and create those areas without any significant loss in detail. It is done in movies all the time. CGI.

I didn't say that you couldn't make a software solution to guess the missing detail. I said that you would need such a software solution. There is a huge difference between these two statements.

You've heard of it. right?

No need to be sarcastic when you could just read what you are replying to.

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