Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

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Re: His attitude sucks.....

Kirk Tuck wrote:

facts is facts mate.

Correlation-causation fallacy, maybe you should read up on it.

A reasonable person would understand that education as measured is a one size fits all affair. It has it's uses, just as DxO is useful for comparing performance of sensors under a predefined set of criteria - it is not however, the entire story.

How about we do the same for car choices? Ignore the other factors surrounding why people would choose a particular vehicle (or if they even bother with a personal vehicle at all) like the local weather conditions, quality of roads, traffic, family size, budget, government taxes, likely uses for the vehicle (e.g. sports, camping, shopping). Instead focus purely on fuel consumption - then proceed to label those people not driving a hybrid as being uneducated. Can even use the title: all cars are faster than you are.

Not everyone cares as much about photography as you do, just as you may not care as much about their interests as they do. That you would attribute their decision to purchase what is easily obtainable, reasonably priced and heavily marketed to a lack of education is insulting. They very likely do not lose sleep over their camera purchasing decisions (unlike many here on this forum), it's just a luxury item after all.

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