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Re: D800 refresh - didn't you know it was coming

I don't get all the fuss over these "refreshes". D4S behind glass in Vegas, then all the hype up to the offical announcement.  Don't we know all this is coming?  And that the update will be different from the current?? I'm in Toronto and we have snow.  But I'm reasonably certain that sometime before July it'll all be gone.  Same as all the cars will have some updates next fall.  Same as new camera bodies get updated every so often.

And as I've said on here before, Nikon seems to have taken its cue from the snowmobile manufacturers. Build it one year; correct what it can the next.  Last year Polaris's Rush was the cats ass, but for 2015 the chassis has "93% new parts" which means there's 7% in nuts, bolts and rivets.  So Nikon needs "refreshes" to fix what they fooled up the last time.  Too bad its come to that.

Anyway, put the new D4S AF in the update and I'd live with the rest. Even the D4 AF.  The new processor should be good for a boost in fps by default. 6 or 7 would be nice, but AF alone is enough for me.

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