A7r 24-70 vs Nex-7 16-70 vs EM1 12-40

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Re: EM1 12-40 vs Nex 5r speed booster with 24-105L

bigley Ling wrote:

areichow wrote:

It would much better still to compare with JPEGs generated from RAW by the same converter (LR, DxO, etc) with the same settings. OOC JPEGs with selective use of clarity, etc on some of the JPEGs really kills it.

agree, RAW conversion from the same converter is indeed ideal. But one of the attributes of the Oly is it's ability to make customized JPEG output which can be used easily without the need of RAW. Sony JPG has minimal customization, which is descent, but does not compare well against the likes of Fuji and Olympus JPGs in some cases.

Olympus's customization is nice, but you'll never be able to get the settings on one brand of camera to match those of another brand, because of the different JPEG engines. Using RAW allows you to use the same JPEG engines and easily match settings.

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