New ultra compact 35-100mm f2.8 zoom from Panasonic !

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Re: New ultra compact 35-100mm f2.8 zoom from Panasonic !

Even if they could get around the physics of making this lens, how do you price it? Price it high, and few people will buy it, especially if IQ is worse than the current 35-100. Price it low, and no one will buy the big one so they will lose margin. I have a hard time imagining the business decision to make such a lens. Much more likely: they started with a goal of the size and worked backward from there to find an acceptable aperture and decent IQ. Price will probably be comparable to the other low/mid-range zooms: $300-500.

I still don't believe he said the right thing. I understand his position but as others have noted people often make errors or overpromise in the midst of a sales pitch. My guess is he meant to say something more like that they both have great image quality.

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