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Re: OT. Same trend in Europe

Pixnat2 wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

We have enough of them for economic success. We just don't have enough of them so ordinary people can know very much about the world around them. We let people vote who have no idea what the issues are, and who cannot find the USA on a map. They vote according to sound bites they hear in political ads, or for whoever some celebrity endorses.

The same is happening in Europe. We have a greater diversity of political parties, but people tend to vote for populists parties, which tend to summarize complex issues into simple slogans. That's a big concern.

Populist parties is a sign of social tensions. When the average person don't feel that society is fair, he listens to extremists.

We have an entire generation that are experts at playing X-Boxes and using smart phones, but who have no idea who William Shakespeare was. Many don't even know who George Washington was. They might think he had something to do with a bridge.

Again, this trend is similar in Europe. Most young people have no interest outside smartphones and co, and have no idea about History, Culture or Litterature.

But in a World where the interest of a minority (gays) is becoming one of the biggest current issue, it's not too surprising.

Maybe uneducated masses are easier to govern and manipulate? The risk of this has a name : Decadence. And all who have a bit of historical knowledge know this has already happended in many civilizations.

The parallels between Roman civilization and modern civilization is striking, if you do the comparison exercise.The only difference is that the decline is globalized today.

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