Nikon and D600 dust and oil

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Re: Nikon and D600 dust and oil

Having been 'Royally' screwed by Nikon and their 'Dishonesty' in the distant past re: faulty resistors in their F2 AS cameras (of which i owned two) I was delighted to see them Finally acknowledge and respond honorably to the D600 defect -Most likely thanks to the power of the internet where they could not 'disappear' the 'zillion' complaints made by enraged customers and continue to outright lie> I personally called Nikon USA and Nikon Canada last January 2013 as (despite 'our' past) I had contemplated purchasing a D600. Both head offices claimed to have heard nothing!about the issue even though every top camera store I had called in North America had told me that their Nikon reps had discussed the defect with them. For the record, I met a former Nikon technician who told me that Nikon had ordered them to never acknowledge the faulty resistor in the F2AS adding that this was the reason Nikon came out with the F3 so quickly. The techie also laughed guiltily while recounting how they changed one customer's resistor 8 times ,never acknowledging the lie. I swear that this is Exactly what happened to me so I'd be adamant about getting the camera fixed at no charge.

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