Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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So my question is, for folks who have used an array of different formats extensively, how much does this affect real world shooting?

Not at all. As you pointed out, for constant (deep) depth of field, all formats are the same.

True, except that smaller formats operate at faster shutter speeds to yield the same DoF and diffraction at any given enlargement factor and desired print resolution,

Nope - exactly the same. Just up ISO. Noise will stay the same.

Diffraction-limited DOF is also exactly the same for all formats.

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Lee Jay

If a tiny sensor yields the same DoF and diffraction at f/3.2 in a like-sized print produced by a larger sensor at f/17.7, the smaller sensor will be operating at a faster shutter speed than the larger sensor - assuming we make no changes to the lighting or ISO settings.

Why make that assumption? Why would you want to use the same ISO on two different cameras when that will produce two different amounts of noise?

sometimes there is so much light that you can get all the DoF and shutter speed you want at base ISO with the larger format, or maybe a tripod is used.

Yes, thank you.

Fullframe shooters can take advantage of the lower noise at ISO 100 vs. the noise had at some higher ISO on the same sensor.

Mike Davis

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