Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

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Somewhat narrow minded.

DaveLemi wrote:

This is well thought out and delves into what is sufficient-

Kirk's site-

Kirk writes very well and I often read him, but:

There are situations where you can't control the light but still has to come home with good images. That is why PJs wants the best low light performance there is - it has nothing to do with being lazy. I don't think the best APS-C and m43 cameras have hit the spot that they can handle everything you throw at them in this regard.

My other objection is about choice and esthetics. If anyone wants to carry a larger camera with a little better DOF control instead of a smaller camera with a little less DOF control, why the hint that he/she is "uneducated"?

Let people have fun with photography anyway they want without sarcasms.

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