RX100 vs Nikon V1?

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Re: RX100 vs Nikon V1?

Janbe78 wrote:

Hi all,

I'm considering buying a small camera (with good picture quality) so I can leave my heavy Nikon D300s at home some times.

Before spending lots of $$$, I was thinking about buying a 2nd hand camera just to see if it's something for me or not. I've somewhat limited my choices to Nikon V1 (which I can buy cheap, 160 euros) and a Sony RX100 (which costs twices as much).

Knowing the RX100 is a newer but more expensive camera, would you consider the V1 or the RX100 a better choice? I'd use the camera for holiday pics, having a large f-stop would be an advantage so I can create nice portraits too.



If you are planning on using only the 10-30mm kit lens with the V1, then one thing to keep in mind is that the RX100 will collect more light at all focal lengths.

At 28-mm (full-frame equivalent), the RX100 can be at f/1.8, whereas the V1 will be at f/3.5, a 2-stop advantage for the RX100.

At 80-mm (full-frame equivalent), the RX100 can be at f/4.5, whereas V1 will be at f/5.6, an advantage of 2/3 of a stop for the RX100.

Also, Sony's 1"-type sensors have much better ISO performance than Nikon's (less chroma and luma noise):

Nikon 1 J3 vs. RX100 and others (DPR's New Studio Scene, Low light, ISO 3200, RAW)

I have a J3, and what I've noticed is that even at lower ISO settings, there is visible chroma and luma noise below mid-tones, and I mean without pixel-peeping:


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