Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

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Re: Straight from the heart

sderdiarian wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Quite true, straight from the heart and truth should not offend. I also think that almost any camera on the market might be good enough for the purpose its user might need.

But from the dawn of photography there has been this primal urge that if better gear is bought then the images will be better without any more application than simply pressing the shutter (to a point this might even be true). This always sells camera gear and this forum and all others is 99% devoted to finding and recommending that new lens or camera that will make that one magic image of a lifetime.

More often just that one-time lucky catch. In target shooting the idea is to find the bulls eye and then continue to do it. Does not quite relate to photography skills which are more related to if you take enough images there is bound to be a good one in there somewhere, ammo is cheap. Give a target shooter a machine gun and he is bound to hit the bulls eye sooner or later.

Of course it might be a male version of "a new pair of shoes will make me happier".

Bulls eye, Tom !

Kidding aside, your words capture my feelings as well: it's simply so much easier to continuously buy new bleeding edge gear than to work on improving our skills. Part of what a market-based economy is built upon, convincing people that happiness can be bought and the latest gadget is your ticket there.

This "buying happiness" marketing applies to homes, cars, boats, you name it, but cameras and accessories are a heck of a lot more affordable and easier to indulge in maintaining this illusion. Where else can you buy the latest "perfect" highly technical product for under $1,500?

It goes further, I would rather buy the best Volkswagen that I could afford rather than the cheapest Mercedes or Audi.

Most of us fall for this to a degree if we're honest with ourselves, and your "male version of "a new pair of shoes will make me happier" hit the nail on the head (there, no target mentioned!).

No harm, provided its recognized and offset by actually improving our skills. It's also essential for advancing technologies of photographic equipment. Kirk's comment "let's not buy cameras for a year", while likely tongue-in-cheek, is I think a bit over the top as well.

While we always tend to think our latest equipment will be state-of-the-art forever, when one looks at advances in 5-10 year chunks of time, there really have been substantive improvements that we wouldn't want to go without.

Technology moves in rushes.  The trick is to pick one of the plateaus and buy the best of the pack at the time. My 80486DX computers the1990's were smart then as was my Canon Pro90 IS in its day.  Both lasted for years before I felt them obsolete.  On the other hand pick an item of new emergent technology on its (low) pricing and you will be pining for another technology hit sooner than later.  ("Low" is always relative, but we all like a bargain,, discerrning something that might last is harder).

I guess it's "recognize and temper the illusion" for me, indulging in truly innovative equipment upgrades from time to time, allowing manufacturer's to survive and advance technology. And accompany this with truly advancing our skills, the harder but more rewarding part of the equation.

My thoughts are similar.

Very noteworthy that the issues seized upon to complain about the GM1 are only user convenience and existing technology issues - lack of grip, no evf, small fiddly wheel.  Nothing about needing a better sensor, better image capability, faster saves, etc.  I think I am on a winner. Will be useful for years.

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