Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Perhaps you misunderstood me.

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Here is another coffee shop example showing how razor thin the DOF can be on FF. In less then full length portraits opening up to less then f2 with FF becomes very challenging. You can end up with nothing but one eye perfectly sharp.

I actually think this is a pretty good shot! Razor thin DoF is a challenge, but you can learn to deal with it just like any other challenge in photography. Only one eye in focus? Move so that the focal plane hits both eyes (or ask your subject to turn her head just a little). Focus peaking or magnification really helps for this sort of thing, but is not absolutely necessary.

Just because a technique is challenging does not mean it should be avoided

Glad you liked the shot, but as you can see it was shot at f2, 85mm on a FF. It was meant to illustrate that this is about as shallow of a DOF as one can put to use for everyday portraits. Her mouth, nose and both eyes are in focus, but her ear is already blurred. Open up the aperture some more and what would give? One eye out of focus perhaps? And this was with a 5D3 with one of the high precision focus points on her right eye. Try the same shot with a Drebel and??? In the studio or with a patient model less DOF then this can be put to use, but for everyday portraits and weddings and such, I seldom open my 85L up more then f1.8. It is in this context that I propose that a photographer with something like an EM-1 and the leica 45mm f1.2 would not be at much of a disadvantage to a FF shooter in many real life situations. And I say this as someone who is very happy with his 5D3 and 85L and has resisted switching to M4/3.

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