long macro lens? Pentax vs. Tamron

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Re: long macro lens? Pentax vs. Tamron

yardcoyote wrote:

Love my 35mm macro, and have been toying for a while with the idea of busting out of my comfort zone with a telephoto prime. What about combining the two with a macro tele? With B+H's current deep discount, the cost of the Pentax D FA 100m f/2.8 WR macro is much closer to the cost of the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro than usual.

I can read reviews of both lenses, of course, but I'm wondering about what they are like to live with. How are they to touch and handle? What are their strong points and weak points? Which one, if either, is the stronger all-around lens? (I would have to use this lens for general telephoto work and not as a dedicated macro.)

Or is 90/100mm going to be too long for someone who prefers to linger closer to the field of view of the human eye, and should I therefore give up the macro and look at the 70 or 77mm Limiteds for a little more reach?

(B+H could have made my life so much easier by offering a corresponding discount on the silver FA 43 which is next on my list ...)

I have a fully manual Tamron 90mm F2.5 Macro and the Sigma 105mm Macro. Before I go further, they are both very sharp and worthy of their status. The Tamron however (well the one I have) is only 1:2 macro and has a dedicated 2x converter that makes it s 1:1 180mm F5.  Some say that 90-105mm is too long for portraits, i disagree. They are perfect for me, but can be too sharp.

As for AF, well macro lends itself to manual focus instead, it slows you down and you are more accurate. It certainly has for me.

On the other hand, the other macros for K-mount and new are seriously good lenses, namely

DFA100mm F2.8 WR, which has the sealing and it a Limited in all but name

DFA50 F2.8 - Very flexible, more so than the 35 Limited

Sigma 70mm F2.8 - A cracking focal length for more than just macros.

Horses for courses really, but ANY Macro will be very sharp and provide stunning images.

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