A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

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Re: White orbs

_sem_ wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

We're not talking about Fuji-like orbs are we? I thought this "orb" was the extra reflections that appear in bright specular regions which incidentally I'm seeing quite often on the television these days.

I don't think these are Fuji's White Orbs, because they are continuous white blobs not patterned, and probably result from sensor bleeding, taking place in the sensor.

Oh - you mean that. In order not to confuse, these should be called something other than an orb. Heck if I know what to call it though.

But back to the Sony, I've noticed several flare like phenomena as well as the speckles around bright point sources. Each has a cause and each is likely a combination of things, not the least of which is the steep angle of incidence created by the very short register.

These appear to be patterned flares, likely resulting from a reflection from an intense beam from the sensor, acting as a diffraction grating, back to the lens, and in turn back to the sensor from one

I don't think it's this specifically. The quantity of them indicates a very short distance - in microns - between multiple interfaces. My guess is that there are 2-3 (or more) layers of various toppings on the sensor and the high incident angle of light coming into the sensor creates multiple/cascading reflections.

If you think about it, just three layers have a potential for 7 unique air-glass (or resin) interfaces where reflections can occur and each one can be re-reflected by the next. This would easily create the multiple speckled pattern we see. If you also include the rear lens element, then you have another 2 unique interfaces making it 9. This doesn't include micro lenses which add even more to the equation.

The higher the angle of incidence on each interface, the more likely reflections will be. SLR lenses with longer registration and therefore a lower incident angle seem to have less of this issue. I suspect that if we tried to put a lens closer to the sensor of a D800 with the mirror up, this would happen even there.

of the lens element surfaces. Similar to known patterned flare issues with for instance the RX-100, E-PL2, Sigma DP, and the purple flare of the Panny 7-14mm lens on Oly cameras.






For the record:

- These patterned reflective spots appeared all over the place in the Olympic coverage, so this is not unique to the Sony A7 series.

- I see these at least once a week on some TV show, so similar things are going on out there.

- It's not the camera, it's not the lens. It's the combination of both.

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