What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: What's the big deal with the retro thing?

Please forgive me for plagiarising my own post in another thread........

Maybe you can't have custom modes with dials.  If you did, you'd have a memory circuit somewhere telling the camera to do something different than is set on the dials.  Sounds problematic to me and bit Nikon Df-ish.

Does this worry me?  No.  I've got custom settings on my DSLR and never use them.  I tried them once, and sometime later forgot what settings were in each custom menu......  Since I've been driving a camera for decades, I don't bother any more.  I just set the camera to whatever is needed.  If others like custom menu modes, that's just fine, but I'll take the dials of the XT1 over mode dial and twin dial wheels every time because one brief glance at the camera tells me everything of importance.

To return to your OP question.......  What is with the 'retro' thing?  What do you mean by 'retro'?  Camera designs changed a lot over the decades and those that are current will be designs of the past in a few years time.  If you mean having dials, well they've got a strong future on a thousand different devices.  If you mean having black leatherette, well maybe I'll give you that one.    Otherwise no modern camera is really 'retro'.  They're all innovative on the inside.  This is business.  How a manufacturer designs the UI and the exterior aesthetic is a corporate choice that targets a market.  Whether you like that UI and aesthetic is a personal choice.  Obviously a lot of people like the Fuji direction because it works for them.  If you want to use an alternative, there are plenty around to enjoy.

Cheers, Rod

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