Isolate focus, shutter AND metering?

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Re: Isolate focus, shutter AND metering?

As I tryt to improve the pictures taken of my grand children playing soccer, I made in this days several tests with 6D.

On 6D according to the user manual chart of page 322 what you are looking for, as I do,  does not seem to be possible.

I tried a way to avoid under exposition in case of backlit when shooting in AI servo, in M mode, ISO fixed as follows.

My controls are set with:

  • AF-ON and shutter having both the double fonction: metering start and focus start,
  • * : aE lock with Hold.

Then, I start metering with the shutter button, lock the measure with * that remain kept (because of hold);

then I fix the focus to be kept with AF-ON keeping it pressed;

pressing half way the shutter you will make a new exposure measurment and see in the viewfinder the gap between the 2 measures that you have done. This gives you the possibility to reduce this gap to avoid burning of high lights by changing aperture or speed;

then you release the shutter.

I feel it too tricky, but it works. If you will find better way please let me know.

By the way, making tests at home during the night, with the subject illuminated by a 600 lumen home bulb by reflection giving a very poor light, I was operating at 20,000 ISO 1/500 f4. In these very poor conditions, I noticed:

either the center focus square, or a  single out square focus were able to detect the object,

mooving the camera while shooting to simulate the object movement, the focus was kept on the 4 first pictures, the on the last 3 the focus switches to an other detail.

In daylight, making pictures of the 6D carton box, fixing the focus in the same way with AF-ON pressed and moving the camera, the text printed on the box remains sharp on 8 pictures 1/100, f6,3 ISO 2000.

Personnaly I considere those results as surprisingly good. And if my pictures are bad, the gear is not guilty, but me.



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