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Re: Sorry; just saw this and agree. Quiz included!

Corkcampbell wrote:

Today's quiz:

As an example, I include a shot of a Korean language textbook published by a major university (Seoul National University) in Seoul. Can someone tell me what's wrong, or at least questionable? When I showed this to Korean professors, not one understood the issue, but several Mongolian and Chinese students immediately picked up on it.

There are 12 professions pictured here, and only 2 are shown as women. And those two are "model" and "hairdresser."  Further, not one of the professions is represented by a black person.

In the USA, half the caricatures would be black or Latino, half would be women, and at least three would somehow be depicted as gay.

Most people would find this offensive as it stands.

Cork, I really think you give us way too much credit. In order to be economically successful you need some gifted and talented people who can innovate. But this doesn't need to be the majority. In fact, it is really a very small group, perhaps 2 or 3% of our population.'

We have enough of them for economic success. We just don't have enough of them so ordinary people can know very much about the world around them. We let people vote who have no idea what the issues are, and who cannot find the USA on a map. They vote according to sound bites they hear in political ads, or for whoever some celebrity endorses.

We have an entire generation that are experts at playing X-Boxes and using smart phones, but who have no idea who William Shakespeare was. Many don't even know who George Washington was. They might think he had something to do with a bridge.

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