XS1 – the making of a great camera

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Re: XS1 – the making of a great camera

photoreddi wrote:

wymjym wrote:

After several years of using the XS1 and reading too many forum posts I have come to the conclusion (my opinion of course) that no matter how good a product is, if the pricing is above the fray those that want to justify not spending the money will parrot every naysayers opinion and there by consul themselves with the fact that they didn’t buy a subpar, overpriced camera.

Then when the price drops, as it always will…ENLIGHTENMENT ABOUNDS…this was/is the greatest thing since sex…and all the virtues that had been pointed out are broadcast from the highest of mountain peaks while the shortcomings are mostly forgiven or forgotten.

That's not what I've said about the X-S1. What I've written is that the X-S1's IQ is better than the HS## cameras but not by a tremendous amount. That its IQ is very good but its resolution is sub-par. That the whole package is a very good camera for most of what I want from a camera, which isn't always blinding speed or DSLR image quality, so if not for its large size I'd probably use it more often than the smaller cameras that produce slightly inferior images.


Price is the ultimate determining factor.

It was for me too, but then I also wasn't very fond of the XF1 at its initial price, but for only $199...

Didn't you get the X-S1 when its price was much higher? I have no problem paying early adopter premium prices, but in this case I already had a couple of large Fuji bridge cameras as well as DSLRs for much better image quality, so it didn't seem cost effective to pay $800 to nudge the bridge cameras a little closer to DSLR image quality.

yeh, I got it at full tilt and even to this day...if the resolving power had been just a tiny bit better I would have been as close to 'satisfied' as one could be.


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