Best photo editing software?

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Re: Best photo editing software?

David B -

I used to be a Windows user and wedding photographer and I used Lightroom and Photoshop.

When I converted to a Mac I used that same software for my wedding photography but also started using iPhoto, which came with my Mac.  I eventually quit doing the wedding photography and for some time found that iPhoto met my needs for most of my casual shooting, but every once in a while I'd pop over to Photoshop when I had something beyond the ability of iPhoto.

Eventually, iPhoto wasn't cutting it, but I was never crazy about the UI for Lightroom (and that is being kind).  When Aperture came to the Mac App Store and I could get it for $80, that is what I decided to use and I LOVE IT for digital asset management (i.e., cataloging all of my photos with keywords, into albums, etc.), and I also find that for 80 - 90% of my pictures, it's image processing capabilities are all I need.  It is pretty quick to take in a picture, straighten it (I usually shoot it crooked), add some contrast, saturation, and definition (which is sort of a sharpening, but there is also a separate sharpening control).  Quick, easy, and powerful enough for almost everything I shoot.

I found I still needed to go to Photoshop once in a while, but not very often.  But then, Photoshop came up with this Creative Cloud concept where you pay a monthly fee.  I really don't like that idea very much at all.  So I bought Perfect Photo Suite 8, which works as a plug-in to Aperture (or as a standalone product).  I'm just learning it, but I think it should pretty much handle all of my needs (and standalone you wouldn't need Aperture, but Aperture is great for organizing everything, and really quick for all the stuff you use everyday).

Best of luck to you, David, in making your decision.  I hope my experience is of some help to you.


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