Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

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meh.. then is then, now is now.

I don't know where to start. He does make a point that we tend to emphasize too much on gear and not enough on craft. Point taken. And I like his T-Shirt idea

but... but, but but..
He makes it sound like there were no bad photographers back in the film days, no GAS, no gear owners uncles capable of burning through films like scott towels, figuring out that one shot will be good. Yet I've seen countless boring souvenir albums. This is not a new problem, at all. How much do the good to bad photographers ratio has really change, the question is interesting. Arguably, the answer is not obvious.

He also makes it sound like photography as a craft does not change over time, regardless of gear, that higher ISO is just a crutch for those who don't know any better. Just because it makes it more forgiving to the lazy does not mean its not a game changer. At the Vancouver Winter games, we had some photos that would not have been possible a year before. Taken by pros having to deliver, not by laziness.

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