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Re: FE 24-70mm F4 OSS Here Today .. Gone Today!

darkdirtydwarf wrote:

viking79 wrote:

I really love the size, weight, build quality of the 24-70mm. I do wish it was better in the corners for the price. To me it feels a bit like a kit lens, but for the A7R.

Do you know by any chance how it compares to the SEL18200 on a NEX5N?

I'm wondering whether to buy the FE zoom or keep the combo mentioned above, and when I look at the images I take with it, I'm kinda NOT willing to shell over 1000 euro for another zoom and rather invest it on a FE prime.

Here an example (with minor LR adjustments) of this imho sharp lens with an EXCELLENT OSS (check the shutter time for this handheld image at 200mm, crazy ):

SEL18200 on NEX5N at 200mm F6.3 ISO 400 1/40s

Unfortunately from this sample nothing can be told about corner sharpness, gotta check it out, for me it's a non issue since I use the zoom only for non critical work.

I must say that the SEL18200 on the NEX5N is VERY uncomfortable to use and I much prefer to use the A7 with the Minolta AF 28-135 (but the MFD is horrible for indoor use). Still, it's a lens I use a lot.

Wow, that is a nice shot from the 18-200. I get excellent results from my 18-200 original silver edition at 200mm as well. Just wish it could have been a little faster like a 5.6 at the max tele end.

To improve the ergonomics when using the 18-200mm lens on the Nex 5 series camera, I attached a 3rd party vertical grip made by "own user". It seems pretty solid, and have found it helps alot when mounting full frame legacy glass, as well as the largish 18-200 lens.

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