Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Re: Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

sportyaccordy wrote:

Martin.au wrote:

There have been a few tests comparing this.

One I remember, current M4/3 sensor (E-PL5 IIRC) vs D800 at ISO1600/6400 - D800 was obviously noisier (At the full picture level, not at 100%, where it's obviously going to be noisier).

However, I would expect the D4 to be essentially identical to the E-PL5 under those circumstances.

I'm afraid I don't have time to find links right now.

Thinking about it more, the high ISO situations are not really relevant IMO. I'm trying to think of situations where you'd be shooting at a high ISO, but need both deep DoF AND a fast shutter speed. A low light landscape maybe? But then you wouldn't really need a fast shutter speed, unless you were shooting handheld. Action needs fast shutter speeds, but since you are shooting far away you can shoot wide open and capture your subject. Plus in low light you are not going to get many details anyway, even with infinite DoF... so a stop or two narrower DoF might not be that big of a deal, and you'd be able to get more light/less noise+blur. So for the kind of shooting I can think of it seems like the bigger sensors have the slight edge from a practical POV.

Trying to get the Drummer and lead singer (or full band) in a high energy rock band in shot at a low light pub gig.

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