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Sorry; just saw this and agree. Quiz included!

I know it's true - just reading some of the posts here written by native English speakers is really painful, and I'm not just referring to Americans. I bought a book recently from the EOSHD website on the GH3 and was amazed that the author (UK, I think) never used a comma, had subject-verb disagreement and obviously didn't know the difference between commas, colons, and semi-colons. Writing a book and not even bothering to use a basic computer spell/grammar tool, or getting help from someone who can is pretty bad.

My point in my earlier post is that I think that, although the US system is lacking, it still fosters creativity and innovation skills, which are also a product of the cultural environment. It's no wonder that Samsung recently announced their move to increase their presence in Silicon Valley, focusing on hiring American-educated staff, and China's best universities actively pursue American-trained professors with real business experience (such as creating small businesses).

Note: I can't speak for most European and Asian countries (although I went to school in France for postgraduate study about 200 years ago), but (except for recycling which is covered in Korea) there is little political correctness taught in Korea or China. In fact, that was one of my principal tasks in China in preparing my students for their UK schools, including sexism, human rights, etc. I even had to include it in grammar lessons, such as the concept of "his or her," etc.

Today's quiz:

As an example, I include a shot of a Korean language textbook published by a major university (Seoul National University) in Seoul. Can someone tell me what's wrong, or at least questionable? When I showed this to Korean professors, not one understood the issue, but several Mongolian and Chinese students immediately picked up on it.


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