A7r 24-70 vs Nex-7 16-70 vs EM1 12-40

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Re: EM1 12-40 vs Nex 5r speed booster with 24-105L

GaryW wrote:

Judging by that chart, Sony is actually at ISO 75 and Oly at ISO 125 -- I guess about 1/2 stop slower for Sony? And the aperture difference of f4 to f8 is 2 stops. So, that explains the 1/4000 shutter vs. 1/800 -- close to 2.5 stops difference. I would have flipped it the other way and tried to use the Sony at ISO 800 vs. the Oly at ISO 200, and the shutter speeds would have been close. Anyway, shutter mystery solved.

As for the IQ, when I looked at the original photos, I have to agree with the others that the oversharpening is not flattering to the Oly. If the Sony lens is softer in the corners, that's a shame, although, comparing sharpness in the corners is problematic (field curvature, DOF combined with the point of focus, etc.), so I'm not sure I would be too quick to judge.

At any rate, if you prefer the Oly, then you don't have to convince us! I would have expected that the cameras should both be good in the broad daylight, though. Shoulda also used a P&S camera and a cell phone.

The olympus is just out of camera JPG. I have just found that this "oversharpening" can be tuned down in the the camera settings. I believe it would be better to compare the A7r against the E-M1 with the sharpness turned down and any NR set to it's minimum.

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