Sony 16-50 2.8 vs Sigma 17-70 "C"

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Re: Sony 16-50 2.8 vs Sigma 17-70 "C"

Seeky wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

I went with the Sony 2+ years ago. And it is the only zoom lens I care about. It has been on the a55 practically all the time. I find the lens quite sharp wide open at any aperture. At f/4, I would say it is as sharp as a zoom lens gets.

SSM is super quiet, close focus (and 1:4 magnification), no zoom creep (my only Sigma HSM is 18-250 which loves to zoom on its own), no CA issues. I also love the contrast and color out of the Sony (Sigma lenses seem to favor green a bit). The only advantage to Sigma might be that it gives you about 20mm more reach... nice to have but I would rather gain at the wider side. And price.

Needless to say, DT 16-50/2.8 SSM on a55 and E 35/1.8 OSS on NEX-6 are my go to options. For extra reach, I generally have Sigma 70/2.8 and usually Sony 135/2.8 STF at hand anyway to go on either camera.

I completely second EinsteinsGhost. Also went with the 16-50 2+ years ago, and I still enjoy it almost every day. It is sharp in the center wide open at every aperture on my A57. The only negative I could think of is the distortion at 16mm (which is easily corrected in camera (JPEG) and in LR (RAW) with a lens profile).

I would never trade the f2.8 for 50-70mm zoom range. In addition, one never knows whether the Sigma will work on the new SLT models coming out especially when OSPDAF is involved.

The "C" model supports user updates and a dock for Sony is due out this spring..   Only a few older HSM lenses ever had a problem and were updated for free.  SO while a consideration.. I am not too worried.

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