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Re: Importance of gear ...

Agreed, but I don't think there is a "they" as such. Quite a broad spectrum of opinions, from "a true pro takes pics with anything, gear doesn't matter at all" to "gear matters, depending on the purpose" to "the key is in PP" ...

Was trying to refer to the ones thinking it doesn't really matter, sorry for the confusion. I do agree everyone has their own process and therefore opinions, they are very diverse and nevertheless all valid.

When the Fuji X-Pro1 was released, I took notice and thought: Now, that is an interesting camera! I didn't jump onto the band wagon straigh away, but the concept (quite old actually, aperture, shutter speed - and now ISO) I find quite compelling. If gear didn't matter, I could have chosen a DigitalRebel or whatever, menu driven, scene modes etc. but I find this distracting so I am with you on this one!

Gear matters to me. Within reason!


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