Nikon and D600 dust and oil

Started Mar 5, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Nikon and D600 dust and oil

all ILCs get debris on their sensors eventually, since they aren't closed, sealed systems. so the appearance of "dust" after 6-8 months of use is not necessarily confirmation that you have the dreaded "dust issue." it simply means that you should learn how to clean your camera's sensor, for it will certainly need cleaning at some point.

as the other poster pointed out, however, nikon has released a service advisory within the past week or so acknowledging the problem with oil on some percentage of its D600 cameras (although the exact numbers are not known, not all D600s exhibit the problem). so you can send yours in and have the shutter mechanism replaced and the sensor and other affected parts cleaned -- whether in or out of warranty, and regardless of whether the camera is one of the affected units.

that doesn't mean you won't ever see "dust," but at least it'll be your own dust, and not nikon's.

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