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The D5300 actually has a higher rated sensor than even the D700.. and its not far off from the D4/D4s/Df .. at lower ISOs, it could be argued that its the better choice. You wont get as much of that "3d pop" that you may for portraits or people from an FF size sensor. But, if you are shooting mostly architecture on a tripod at low ISOs, it may not matter.

If youre used to the D300 semi-pro body, you may be disspointed with the feel of the D5300 though.

Tazio 722 wrote:

Hello there

I am hoping for some advice , i am an architectural designer mainly photographing my own projects however in the future i would like to start doing some more work on a professional basis , but currently i am still learning lighting techniques to develop my own look !.

Anyway over the years i have built up quite a good kit of DX gear . D300+grip ,D90+grip , nikkor 10-24, nikkor 16-85, 50mm 1.8D, tamron 60mm macro F2, Sigma 50-150 APO F2.8. So a reasonable DX kit.

However i am now thinking of going FX but on a limited budget .... So am considering a D700 , 24mm PCE , and maybe a 14-24 if funds permit .

I suppose the question is will i see a large increase in image quality by going this route .. or is it better for me to wait for a time when i can afford to purchase a D800 , the reason i do not want to go D800 is purely budget simple because my D300 grip plus really right stuff bracket fits the D700 whereas on top of buying the D800 i would have to purchase those items!.

Any advice most welcome ?.

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