Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Re: Here is some sample shots.

Karaya wrote:

Given a really fast and sharp 4/3 lens, like the voigtlander 45 f.95 this shot could have been done with a 4/3 camera at F 1, 1/125 and ISO 100.

Only if the Voigtlander was sufficiently sharp at f/1. It's not. Lenstip.com: "It is clear that in the frame centre, at the maximum relative aperture, the image is still not fully useful. In order to improve it you have to stop down the lens near f/1.2. By f/1.4 the image quality can be already described as good and from f/2.0 upwards you deal with an excellent resolution level."

On Lentip's test, the Voigtlander does resolve about the same in lp/mm as the Canon 85mm at f/2. The problem is that a Canon FF has almost 2x the mm!

So, given really fast primes that are sharp wide open

Alas, that's not a given for really fast primes.

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