Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

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Re: Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

I agree with Kirk's assessment of the camera market, and I suspect that even my little P&S camera is laughing at me behind my back.  The G1 surely thinks I am an idiot.  Can you imagine the shame if cameras talked to each other about their owners?  Would they despise us less if we spent more time shooting in full manual mode -- or would they prefer us to set the dial to Intelligent Auto and leave it all up to them?

I disagree, however, with Kirk's implication that we should embrace the limitations of the past or else we are "lazy photographers."  Tripods and flash?  Please. Those are crutches to prop up inadequate technology ("prop up" literally in the case of tripods).  We used them in the past because we had no choice.  Now we can do better. Even if we as photographers are ok with these tools, the people around us will be very happy to see them go.

As a photographer, I might still want to use tripod and/or flash in certain situations, for certain effects, and sometimes for convenience.  But as a "civilian" I look forward to a time when nobody will set up a tripod blocking the aisle, and nobody will startle and temporarily blind me with a &%#@ flash.

High-quality images are a good thing.  So is the ability to shoot pictures without annoying others.  If your current camera lets you obtain the former only at the expense of the latter, then it IS time for you to buy a new camera. Better a "lazy" photographer than an obnoxious one.

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