nifty 50 equivalent under $200?

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There are several real bargain lenses in Micro 4/3

Midwest wrote:

techiecool wrote:

The nifty 50 has been around a long long time allowing economies of scale to push priced down. And add larger sales volumes and the nifty 50 is cheap. Id imagine in 3-5 years of continued growth that could be achieved.

That lens is also known as the 'plastic fantastic' in the Canon forums. Nobody will claim that it is pro-level, and some turn up their noses at the plastic construction, but if you stop it down just a bit it's actually respectable, and I've not seen threads about how the economical plastic construction has resulted in any problems. Manually focusing it is possible but the movement is a bit sloppy, I just AF with it anyhow

I won't post a non-m43 pic here but this is a favorite of mine I took with that lens:

Every camera brand should have a lens or two that's a bargain. I've seen these go for $80 brand new. Hopefully techiecool is right and eventually a similar bargain will come along for m43.

These bargain lenses just don't happen to be exactly 50mm fast equivalents:

The real bargain lenses are as follows:

All Three Sigma lenses, 19mm, 30mm, and 60mm. But they are all f2.8 lenses, but optically they are excellent, and in the case of the 60mm, superb. I happen to own the 19mm and the 60mm.

The Panasonic 14mm f2.5 can easily be found split out of kits in new condition for $180, in mint used condition for $150. I own this lens as well

The Olympus 45mm f1.8 is an outstanding lens that can be gotten for under $300 But it's certainly a better lens, both mechanically and optically, than the nifty 50s you are referring to. If not for the Sigma 60mm, I'd own this one instead.

The older Panasonic 20mm f1.7, can easily be found mint used for under $300. It's AF performance especially on Olympus bodies is slow, but it's optically superb. Because of the AF issue, I prefer the Sigma 19mm, but on Panasonic bodies, I'd prefer this one.

If you like Fisheyes, there are the Samyang/Rokinon fisheyes for under $300.  There is now also an olympus bodycap fisheye for around 100

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