nifty 50 equivalent under $200?

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Re: nifty 50 equivalent under $200?

techiecool wrote:

The nifty 50 has been around a long long time allowing economies of scale to push priced down. And add larger sales volumes and the nifty 50 is cheap. Id imagine in 3-5 years of continued growth that could be achieved.

That lens is also known as the 'plastic fantastic' in the Canon forums. Nobody will claim that it is pro-level, and some turn up their noses at the plastic construction, but if you stop it down just a bit it's actually respectable, and I've not seen threads about how the economical plastic construction has resulted in any problems. Manually focusing it is possible but the movement is a bit sloppy, I just AF with it anyhow

I won't post a non-m43 pic here but this is a favorite of mine I took with that lens:

Every camera brand should have a lens or two that's a bargain. I've seen these go for $80 brand new. Hopefully techiecool is right and eventually a similar bargain will come along for m43.

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