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billythek wrote:

I don't know that there is a way for someone to leave voluntarily. Thus an unknown member would most like be gone involuntarily.

There was a long time member who left voluntarily a little while back and requested that his membership be cancelled. Perhaps he sent a pm to Simon.

The latest high profile unknown member probably did not leave voluntarily, judging by the threads he was very active in. But there is no point in speculating, and moderator actions are not supposed to be discussed in any event.
- Bill

I don't think a moderator has the authority to ban anyone (at least I hope not) a moderator is simply a person who volunteered his/her time, and efforts, to keep order within a forum. If a person is a constant source of problems or blatantly disregards forum rules a moderator would need to report this to forum administrators and an administrator would be the person who makes the decision about a ban.

None of that really makes any difference because my original post was only a remark wondering how a poster could possibly be an "unknown member".

The only logically way a poster could be "Unknown" is if they somehow hacked DPR and were posting anonymously.

Anyway, my curiosity was satisfied and an "Unknown Member" is obviously a person who no longer has an account (for whatever reason).

Thanks for all the answers.

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