How can you adjust jpeg compression in Olympus O-MD E-M1?

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Re: How can you adjust jpeg compression in Olympus O-MD E-M1?

Bob657 wrote:

I think you are confusing two different settings, the Fine, Superfine, etc is different from the Picture Mode settings like sharpening.

Hmm. When you say "Picture Mode settings", you mean the menu called "Picture Mode" under "Shooting Menu 1" in the E-M1's menu system, correct? The settings for Fine, Superfine, etc., are indeed different from the Picture Mode settings, and I mistakenly grouped them. However, the Picture Mode settings have controls for adjusting the features that you described in your first message:

You can make significant adjustments to the jpegs, go to the menu, select Picture Mode, then right arrow to adjust sharpening, contrast, saturation and gradation for each style. In addition, you can use the highlight, shadow curve adjustments off of function 2 button unless you've customized it.

Changes to contrast, saturation, gradation will affect such things as tonal range and vividness of the colors in the output; they are not going to directly affect jpeg compression. Likewise, highlight, shadow and curve adjustments will also not directly affect jpeg compression. They may have indirect effects on the compressed output, in the sense that changing these parameters may cause the jpeg encoder to produce slightly different results, but that's not the same thing. Finally, the same is true of sharpening, although adjusting sharpening probably will have a greater effect on the compressed output (especially around edges in the image).

I think the confusion is over what I'm hoping to find. You see, most jpeg encoders, at least in software, have a separate, direct setting for the degree of compression applied to the image. This is sometimes given as a percentage, sometimes as an integer, and sometimes just as "low", "high", etc. This should in principle be completely different from changing any other parameter such as image saturation or sharpening. I believe this is what is at least partly affected by the Fine, Superfine, etc., settings in the camera, but even at the Superfine setting, there are still visible compression artifacts in the output; these artifacts tend either to obliterate fine detail, or alternately, to introduce detail that is not actually present in the original scene.

In your message, you also wrote the following:

The third area that's been mentioned is noise reduction. Each of these is in a different part of the menu.

This is something someone else mentioned. That's a setting worth experimenting with, and I will try to adjust noise reduction to explore the effects.



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