70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: 70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

David Hull wrote:

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David Hull wrote:

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Just another Canon shooter wrote:

It seems it's not OK to say that, even worse to show some examples.
If you say I don't understand DXO tests and that makes you feel better, then OK. That doesn't change the point of my original post, though.

It does. Look at the subject line, it is still intact. You also say: Well, the actual results surprised me. I was expecting a ugly mess of blotchy noise, banding, pattern noise, but couldn't see it at all. That surprise shows that you do not know what the DXO findings mean.

I really don't care what DXO says either even though it's the only objective evaluation available. On the other hand I do care that people like op who does not understand what real world DR means and what it does for photographers are putting such misguided efforts trying to confuse the issue. People who shot digital from the beginning knew it (DR limitation) is an important issue. We all appreciate companies like Sony finally put out great effort to address the issue and we all hope Canon can catch up too. There is no need to try to beat the dead horse and explain the problem away. Sorry that I have to be blunt but I think it's time that we put this nonsense to rest.

I think I would say it a bit differently: Sony has addressed the banding issue but not the DR issue. They appear to have actually eliminated the banding that the Canon equipment seems to have but in terms of DR they have only made it two stops better through reducing the read noise. You seem to imply that Sony has fixed the DR which is not the case, they just made theirs better than Canon.

Even with the 7D, I never experienced banding issues when using Canon DPP.

I have worked with a user here who was complaining about getting banding when using an Adobe product. He sent me his CR2 files, and I did conversions in DPP and their was no banding.

Yea... I'll load DPP at some point and see if I can find the dark frames. I know that in ACR you can raise the black point to hide the banding as well. I don't know what DPP is doing.

It could be as simple as that. That Canon DPP reads the noise level in the masked area and sets the black point appropriately.

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