Is it time to call an attorney general about Nikon?

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From my experience ...

bikinchris wrote:

There have been hundreds of posts about Nikon USA repair service. People send in equipment and the item seems to ALWAYS become "impact repair."

Here is a post about Nikon Professional Services doing this to pro shooters:

Of course, if you remember I was turned away by Nikon warranty when there was a month left on my D3 warranty. They claimed I got the camera wet.

Is it time to call an attorney general about Nikon?

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I would say that on the one occasion after 30 yrs+ that I had to use Nikon service they were very fair and did a great job getting my 17-55 repaired. I was on my way to shoot an off road race when I stopped at a gas station. My D2x with 17-55 attached was in the back seat of my raised 4x4 truck and when I opened the rear door the camera and lens fell off the seat and onto the concrete. It was indeed impact damage, the lens mount was ripped off of the lens. I picked the pieces up and removed the lens mount from the camera and installed my 70-200, the camera worked fine with it, and I used the D2x for the shoot.

Called El Segundo on Monday when I got back to my office explained what happened, got a ball park quote for the repair (around $350 or so if memory serves) and an authorization to ship it. They suggested that I send the body as well.

Got them back in 10 days. The lens was repaired to like new condition, they did a full inspection, alignment and clean of the body as well and did not charge for it. That was back in 2011, so things maybe different today, but from my limited experience they were fair.

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