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The psychological aspect isn't as important to me as to my clients. I'm a freelance video guy, and for a couple years I've used a capable HD video camera that nevertheless looked like a soccer mom camera. I just upgraded to a slightly more advanced model that LOOKS way more advanced. It has a cool lens hood, it's black and shiny etc. and I've already had clients remark on how "pro" my gear is. This is the same reason my friend who's also a freelancer, dolls up his DSLRs with brightly colored covers and cool looking accessories. His clients see all the cool colors and confusing looking doodads and feel they are in "pro" hands.

The flip side: I recently did an all film shoot for some indy musicians, and they were so jazzed when I broke out my shiny Canon AE-1. I would have gotten just as good, if not better images with a more modern film DSLR, but the "look" of the older camera really made my clients feel like they were getting quality stuff.

Of course, I also have G.A.S., but that's has more to do with my consumerism than my photography.

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