ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: TZ60 vs LF1 vs LX7 @ 10MP

Say Hey wrote:

Imaging-resource.com has developed a paradigm and an expertise, and it has a prime purpose of being paid for the use of these. It no doubt cares about the "spirit," but it also cares about its bills at the end of the month. Just as you and I do.

Next time, perhaps, you will give it the clicks it rightfully owns and deserves. It will take care of selling those via its advertising department.

Since my intention was to provide a comparison that couldn't be properly performed using their own comparometer, I think my contribution here would easily pass a fair use balancing test, particularly when all other factors are considered.

Feel free to argue otherwise. Feel free to ask the mods to remove a post that has undoubtedly facilitated at least a small number of click-throughs to the source by virtue of the link I included.

If you're successful, I'll simply re-create my comparison by developing cropped JPEGs from the RAW files that imaging-resource made available for download and then we can have a good old argument about whether or not it is acceptable to do that, and whether or not an innumerable number of other dpreview posts need to be removed as well.

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