Quick bokeh comparison 56mm vs 60mm

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Re: So, to sum up... (IMHO)

marco1974 wrote:

khollister wrote:

I also slightly prefer the bokeh of the 60 to the 56 @ f/2.5. The other interesting thing about the 60 (which I use) is that the bokeh (quality, not quantity of OOF) remains pretty constant as you stop the lens down. It really is a rather special lens optically for a very reasonable price.


Totally agreed, based on my experience also.
The 60 is really a great lens, period. And the AF is also really now OK with the latest firmware.

The super-shallow DOF you can obtain at f/1.2 is nice to have as an option, and it certainly has its uses. But in many cases f/2.4 is plenty shallow already, and any more becomes a bit of a cliché 'show trick' that can get repetitive pretty quickly, IMHO.

So that, for me, leaves the ability to keep shooting hand-held in very low light.

But, for really low light situations where camera shake is an issue, I think the 35/1.4 may be an even better option overall, since it is only 1/2 a stop 'slower' (f/1.4 vs. 1.2), but it lets you get away with a full stop slower shutter speed (e.g. 1/60s vs. 1/125s) because of the shorter FL...

Again, thank you Chris for taking the time to contribute this very nice comparison!


I find that I don't use my 85mm at f1.2 on my FF camera all that often when I'm going for shallow DOF, but I do stop down to around f2.8 regularly which is about f1.8 on APSC. Not too far off from f2.4, but I do enjoy the flexibility of being able to open it up a bit more. The big advantage is when working with available/lowlight. f2.4 is fairly fast, but it doesn't hold a candle to f1.2, which you can actually use with just a candle. I had the 60mm for awhile, and it is a fantastic lens. For those on a budget, it's one of the best portrait lenses on the market. The only reason I sold it was because a 56f1.2 lens would suit my shooting style better and it would have ended up on a shelf collecting dust. Too sad of a fate for such a fantastic lens.

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