Is it time to call an attorney general about Nikon?

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Re: Is it time to call an attorney general about Nikon?

"bikinchris wrote:

j_photo wrote:

I was being a bit flip, I admit. I don't know the OP. But I guess I don't quite see the point to the post. Doesn't the linked message say a used lens was dropped several times? Sounds like impact damage to me. And OP says the issue with his D3 has previously been discussed.

But, of course, the topic is a legitimate one. So I'll shut up now! No real offense intended.

No, the linked article was a longtime Nikon pro (who is a member of NPS) sent in a lens and had it repaired. He got it back and right away it didn't work right and he was told he would be charged AGAIN for impact damage, having never dropped the lens. he just took it out of the box. But if you do a search on this site, you will find dozens of instances where people sent in a camera for warranty repair and were charged for impact damage. It has happened enough that it seems to be a pattern of behavior on the part of Nikon.

SOME of it might be traced to poor packing. You cannot explain it all by that reasoning.

In my instance, I KNOW I never got my D3 wet. I had gotten my D2H bodies wet many times and never had trouble. In this case, the back glass over the LCD was fogging. I sent it in for warranty work and was told I got the camera wet and it was not covered. I was not the only one. Many people got that treatment from Nikon. Same thing with other complaints with other cameras. D800, D600 and some others. The owners were turned away and Nikon did not make it good. This is not right.

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bikinchris: I appreciate you taking the time to reply. To the extent I was overly flip, I have already apologized. Having started digging a hole for myself, allow me to dig a little deeper:

First, I don't doubt that Nikon service is asserting impact damage to sometimes avoid warranty repairs. There have been enough such reports here and elsewhere that it seems silly to deny it.

But allow me to explain my original reply to your post. I have gone back and re-read the linked post again. It still sounds to me like a used lens got dropped twice and then was sent to Nikon. Then the poster says, and I quote, "Happened another time, same lens..." Maybe I am mis-reading this, but I came away from this post thinking the OP dropped a lens 3 times and was upset that Nikon claimed impact damage. Furthermore, the poster keeps putting "impact damage" in quotes as if it's some sort of euphemism. If dropping a lens isn't impact damage I don't know what is. In all honesty, after reading this, I was left with a less than sympathetic impression about that post, and to some extent yours as well.

So having said all that, I still wonder what is the point of this thread. If you read through it, there is really nothing here of any use. There is no discussion of how one might contact the AG or what that might accomplish. It's just chatter. Maybe contacting the AG is a good idea. To my surprise, all the complaining about the D600 dirty sensors appears to have actually accomplished something. So, as I said, "Go for it." I would even be interested to hear how that goes.

Regarding your D3, if the camera really never got wet, it's definitely a bummer that Nikon wouldn't take care of the problem. I see from your profile, you live in Louisiana. Maybe the high humidity there had something to do with it. I live in Seattle. After carrying my D7000 around daily for over two years I had to have it repaired (out of warranty) for internal corrosion. I guess the constant drizzle finally got to it.

Lastly, lately I've been on a bit of a rant. I know this is a gear forum, but I sure wish there was a bit more discussion about using the gear to take photographs. It's the same with Tom Hogan. He writes well-informed, thoughtful articles. But none of it seems to be about actually using the gear for photography. It's as if no one is shooting anymore!

Anyway, no hard feelings I hope. Joe

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