Df owners - how is the low light focus capability

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Re: Df owners - how is the low light focus capability

Fotoloco wrote:

I have a D4 - LOVE IT!!! Use for business - mostly portraits, but also motocross etc. I am considering getting a Df for travel and personal use. Do not need the Df to do motocross tracking focus, but I will be using it at night on city streets, restaurants/clubs etc. I am use to the D4 focusing in near dark. I have seen the focus of the Df bashed in some reviews, but I think they are bias because same reviewers do not bash the D600/610 focus which is the same? What has your real life experience been.

The review differences are likely because the Df doesn't have a focus assist light, whereas the D6xx do. The D4 doesn't have one either so if you're able to focus well on the center point with the D4 then the Df should be fine as well, although the Df/D6xx is spec'd for -1EV vs -2EV for the D4.

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