Switch from Windows to OSX? (mostly for Lightroom)

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Re: Switch from Windows to OSX? (mostly for Lightroom)

Abrak wrote:

I am not a Mac user but if you are looking for a high end laptop, with high dpi and can afford it, then the Macbook Pro retina 15" is a pretty good bet (the 13" is somewhat underpowered).

Personally I wouldnt use a 15" laptop screen to edit photos and prefer to run 1 (or even better 2) 24+ inch monitors from my laptop (dual screen mode works a treat with Lightroom). You could easily do that for the same price as a Macbook retina.

Thanks, so for example my question would then be: how does Lightroom usability compare between Mac and PC systems -- assuming (say) retina Macbook Pro vs. hi-dpi Dell XPS (and, given your comment, let's say each of them is running one external desktop).

It is somehow nicer to run Lightroom on one or the other of those systems? Same? Does the touchscreen on the Dell make brushing or other features better?

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