Is image stabilization really the stuff?

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Re: IBIS makes manufacturers LAZY

cosmonaut wrote:

LeicaBOSS wrote:

Here's my issue. IS is sometimes great to have. Travel photos, lower light shots, environmental portraits, hanheld tele-nature, mammals...

AND In-lens stabilization is amazing. for long teles - the panning and stnadard IS can provide 4 stops of amazing goodness and a smooth, clear image in the viewfinder.

But IBIS is just not as good - and when you have it - the manufacturers get lazy and don't put the superior OSS/IS in the lenses - so you're left with kind of crap-tier IS when you need it, and crap-tier IS when you don't.

The reality is that they won't give you both - so I take no IBIS + in-lens IS as my preferred choice.

From time to time, I point my camera at the right things. This is generally when I forget everything I've learned.

Well I had zero issues with Olympus IS before the new 5 point what ever it is now. The new IBIS just isn't as good in my experience and I also agree I have used Nikon VR lenses and in lens IS is better. IMO.

I'm good with either. Nikon's VR in the lenses I have is better than what I've seen in Sony bodies (haven't tried Oly's version) and the stabilized VF image is appreciated with tele shots. OTOH, it's obviously lacking in many lenses (though Sony has a couple f/1.8 primes with IS which is pretty impressive). And I have to say that it always sort of bothered me a little that my camera sensor was moving around; more than it bothers me that lens elements are moving around. It seems like the sensor is something that should be bolted down solidly ! Obviously, the proof is in the pudding and IBIS works, so that's more a psychological concern. I suppose it would be very nice to have a system that offers both (I don't really count micro 4/3 because I think I'd only really be interested in Olympus bodies and lenses). Heck, it would be nice if Sony put the IS switch back on its A mount bodies instead of burying it in the menu ! (Same with e-mount ... IS is in the lens, but I have to go menu diving to turn it on or off).

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