ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: Tech.UK Conclusion on Image Quality

John McCormack wrote:

And in the conclusion: "After all the hype about how fast the AF was supposed to be, it wasn’t something we really noticed. That’s not to say it was slow - there was certainly some hunting at maximum zoom and during darker conditions - it’s just that it didn’t seem like anything much to shout about either.

What hype? Panasonic simply stated that the AF was 20% faster at the wide end, and 30% faster at the tele end, as compared to the TZ40/ZS30. A proper evaluation of the truth of that statement could only be conducted by performing said comparison.

As for the colour reproduction, it’s not so much that the colours don't look good, it’s more that you get what we like to refer to as the ‘Samsung Effect’. The monitor on the rear tends to make colours look far more saturated in previews than when you upload them to your computer. Either prepare for some disappointment or better would be to adjust the output of the LCD to something more realistic."

Without knowing anything about how the reviewer calibrated the external display device he/she used during his evaluation (if he did at all), or what state of configuration the camera was in, it's hard to put much stock in this assessment.

If he/she is right, though, it might bother a few other people here and there. But not me. Adjusting colours is one of the most trivial of all PP exercises.

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