More Old Barns

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Re: More Old Barns

four under wrote:

Thank you Rob. maybe some day I can photograph some that aren't surrounded by snow.


Hi Brian.

I don't know how much you want to get into this area of photography but it is an area that I find fascinating in so many ways. I've been shooting barns since 2007. Taking pics of barns morphed into taking pics of 2 and 3 ton grain trucks form the 40's and 50's, hay rakes, and a few other things.

Be careful. Some of these properties can be dangerous places because of junk and other sharo objects hidden in the tall grass of summer and under the snow in winter. It is not uncommon for animals like skunks and racoons to take up residence in the various buildings and other structures.

Taking pics in winter has a couple of advantages. Pics in winter add variety to a gallery. In addition to that, winter means no leaves on the bushes and trees. It also provides an opportunity to find things that are normally hidden mother nature.

Your SX50 at the wide end will come in very handy for situations where shooting conditions are crowded for any one of a number of reasons. Also, you can shoot jpeg and you will still be shooting RAW. (Rusty, Ancient and or Wrecky)


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