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I certainly wouldn´t mind more pixels. So far, everything has gotten better with smaller pixels.

I have been a RAW only shooter for years, since I want the best possible output, but with the D800 I have lately come to have new thoughts on in-camera JPG:s.

For smaller publications, web and social media use the in-camera medium or small JPG:s make a lot of sense; they´re actually quite good (compared to what I was used to with lesser (MP) cameras).
These files are small enough to send via WiFi or mail.

My guess is, that for ordinary newpaper use there is little use for 36 or more MP RAW files and that the smaller JPG:s are good enough (thanks to the high amount of data they´re rendered from).

I think there is a lot in that. People tend to worry too much about the number of pixels on the sensor - oversampling is a very reasonable strategy, and there is no reason that you have to store or transmit 36MP just because your camera's sensor has that many.

You are completely ignoring the trade off made with read out issues a when you have so many pixels.

Yes, because that's a different issue.

No is not, read out is an integral part of a sensor, without it there is no image.

One of them is noise that increase with sensor clock speed and the other is Video because you cant read all the pixels of a sensor at the speeds required by video.

There are engineering solutions to both those problems.

Oh yeah? Like what?

Not in the real world of commercially available products.

Because of that problem DSLRs that make video suffer from moire issues, and jelly artifacts. Readout is not fast enough for all the pixels on the sensor.

Professional Cameras that do video use only the necessary amount of pixels, not more for the sake of it.

There is a reason combustion engines have a limited number of cylinders, humans reach a certain height, lifetime limits, legs numbers, etc, etc

It is called optimum, balanced, efficient design.

With sensors is not different, so there is a sweet spot when it comes to pixel count.

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